Over the past few years, with the input from our membership, the Board of Directors for the Cookstown Curling Club has identified a number of capital asset and improvement projects that are necessary for the Club to invest in. We believe that these will allow us to maintain and enhance your curling experience here, while assisting us in lowering future expense.

In order to move forward with many of these projects, we have again searched out and applied for a number of grant programs, such as the Ontario150 Community Capital Program as well as the Innisfil Spirit of the Community Program. Should we be successful with the Ontario150 grant application we would see an immediate improvement in both the vitality and the sustainability of our curling club. However, in order to meet the requirements for these grants, the Cookstown Curling Club will need to share in the costs of the projects so we ask you to please support our efforts to raise the amount needed for the private funding portion of the grant application.

True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of good sport from a platform of shared values and principles.

True Sport is dedicated to the notion that good sport can make a great difference.

True Sport lives in Canada
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True Sport Principles

Go for It
Always strive for excellence and rise to the challenge, but never at the expense of others. Discover how good you can be.
Play Fair
Play honestly and obey the rules, in letter and spirit. Winning is only meaningful when competition is fair.
Respect Others
Show respect for everyone involved in creating a sporting experience, both on the field and off. Win with dignity and lose with grace.
Keep it Fun
Find the joy of sport and have a good time. Keep a positive attitude and look to make a positive difference, on the field and in your community.
Stay Healthy
Place physical and mental health above all other considerations and avoid unsafe activities. Respect your body and keep in shape.
Include Everyone
Share sport with others, regardless of creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or ability. Invite everyone into sport to make it more meaningful for the whole community.
Give Back
Always remember the community that supports your sport and helps make it possible. Find ways to show your appreciation and help others get the most out of sport.

To Donate

Donations of any amount can always be left with a member of the Executive, but we also realize that the tax break available for donating is appreciated by many. Although the Club cannot issue donation receipts for tax purposes itself, by donating through the True Sport foundation to the Cookstown Curling Club you can receive one. For donations that are made through this Foundation, a small fee is applied to cover their costs of processing, but the Club will still get a certain amount that you donate.

If you’d like to donate please Click Here to go to the True Sport donate page and find us under “Initiatives”

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